Getting 2 children in a photo seems achievable, but 3 is almost impossible (without some kind of bribery anyway).

This weekend in question turned out quite differently to planned when one of our children broke their arm. It’s a totally new experience as this is the first time anything like that has happened. It was quite stressful, but the staff at the hospital were amazing and made the whole experience much easier to cope with. Isn’t the NHS amazing!

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There’s magic out there 

We have a Harry Potter whizz in our house. She has read all of the books at least 5 times and is now taking full advantage of the Easter holidays to read them all again, inspired by our recent trip to The Warner Brother Studios.

I really enjoyed all of the films, but I admit I’ve only read the first book; so I was unsure about how much I would enjoy the day wandering amongst all of the film paraphernalia.

It was amazing!!! I was blown away by the amount of people, skills, creativity and vision that went into each film, all for the joy of creating something magical for an audience, when often props and sets only lasted for moments in the finished article. I learnt so much about the huge range of expertise drawn upon and the impact they had upon the end result.

It was a good mix of interactive and factual activities, which provided something for all age groups, I think we could’ve easily spent a lot more time there.

How wonderful to be part of something so amazing, no matter how small their role it added significance and value to light up the imaginations of millions of people across the world.

I would highly recommend it, especially if you have a Harry Potter fan in the house!

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I love this time of year as the nights become lighter and there is so much more that can be squeezed into 24 hours; like a solar panel, the sun gives me so much more energy and motivation.

There is also so much beauty with the blossoms and spring flowers, walking the same paths over and over bring new surprises in each trip. I love it how nature can spring forth so much diversity right before our eyes!

We have had so much fun together on walks and trips out; with many more to come I’m sure.

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Spring is in the air and it feels great to get out and breathe it in. I can feel the longer days, warmer weather and BBQs just around the corner.

I got soggy feet taking this photo, as I slid down a muddy bank into the stream, which the girls found very entertaining:)

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Our weekend walks are becoming a concrete part of our family routine, it makes such a difference to get out of the house and explore, build dens and construct bridges across streams. There’s a real difference in mood if we don’t make time for it, so it’s worth enduring any groans of dissent about not going to get them out of the door.

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Uh oh!? I have managed to get behind already, so here’s some catching up!

I absolutely love books and reading, my favourite place to while away the day would be in a library or bookshop. I’m really glad that this love of mine has passed onto my children, who read everyday. 

Unfortunately my skills for dressing up are seriously lacking, so for World Book Day it was a case of grabbing what was available around the house and (in my case) making a tenuous link to a book. Here we are in all our glory!

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Tell me about yourself

The most dreaded question for me in any interview or new situation is ‘Tell me about yourself’. Inside my head is utter turmoil! Number 1, I really don’t enjoy the subject of a conversation to be me (my mind literally goes blank) and second, I have zero idea how to answer this question as I’m not entirely sure I’ve entirely got to grips with exactly who I am yet, or possibly inside I still feel 17!

Reading this article really resonated with me. I could directly relate to the sentiment of being defined by the people we are surrounded by and their perception of who we are. The last few weeks/months have been challenging, as I have been on the receiving end of this act of being labelled and put in a box, which has greatly restricted my opportunities and led me to inevitably question “Are they right? Don’t I know myself as well as I thought? Am I just deluded?”. Maybe? but I hope not!

On the flip side, the message of this research study, as mentioned in the article,  offers great hope with a sense of freedom to embrace the fact that we are constantly evolving and changing over time. The result being that we are essentially never truly defined, both by ourselves and those around us.

I like this, it gives me the liberty to move forward and let go of elements of my personality that I would rather say goodbye to. It means I can say a fond farewell to the person I used to be and embrace the new and improved version of me. It means I don’t have to absorb the views and opinions of those around me because I’m not the person I was yesterday or the person I’ll be tomorrow.

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We struck gold at the weekend, sunshine and beautiful scenery with a visit to Standen House. The house was stunning, with exquisite William Morris wallpapers throughout and surrounded by manicured grounds and miles of countryside. We would all quite happily move in!

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They have been desperate for snow all winter, so even though it was a small dusting, there was a lot of excitement all round. It’s still so magical for me to wake up and see the arrival of snow, there’s something so peaceful and enchanting about snow falling …nothing else quite like it!

A few tiny snowballs were thrown and lots of running through the fields, stomping in the snow. It might be all we get this year but we’ll take it.

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