Grappling with baking bread

My first gluten free sourdough loaf. Looks pretty simple, can’t be too difficult…hmm if only! This may sound crazy but I actually began the process of making this loaf over 2 weeks ago! I have never embarked on the world of sourdough baking before, even though I was aware of it. Before I could do anything I needed to make my own gluten free sourdough starter, which in simple terms is a fermented dough like mixture that adds lightness to the bread dough (which is lost in gluten free baking). It is supposed to take 5 days to create the sourdough starter, but mine ended up taking 2 weeks due to lack of knowledge and experience…and a chilly house.

The next hurdle…finding all of the ingredients, taking a number of visits to various health food shops. Finally, with everything in place after lots of mixing and rising the easy bit was putting it in the oven to bake and voila! Here it is!

Just waiting for it to cool down so I can see what it tastes like…I’m hoping for great things!

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Like bulbs nestled snugly beneath the soil, we’ve been in a kind of hibernation since the new year. All warm and cosy inside, piled high with assignments and lots of wet, rainy days have added to the motivation to stay indoors. But just like the spring flowers, as the sun has arrived so has the desire to emerge and explore again.

One of the days in half term was the most perfect spring day and, with some reluctance from little legs, we ventured to the great outdoors perched on our doorstep. Joined by many other ramblers I think everyone was glad to get out and feel some warmth on pale winter cheeks.

Snowdrops adorned the verges and birdsong filled the air (only occasionally punctured with arguing and crying – an essential element of every outing!). I could feel energy being replenished and a renewal for pursuing goals and dreams for the coming year.

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