December Highlights

January just snuck up and appeared right out of the blue! So here’s the best bits of December, that was full of wonderful memories, happy experiences and of course the occasional meltdown…as is typical of every Christmas period.

  • D had the lead role in the school nativity and she was amazing (of course I am completely bias). She was so confident and capable…I am envious that I wasn’t blessed with such confidence when I was that age!
  • Watching D and E perform their ballet from the previous term was a real treat. It was E’s last lesson as she’s moving onto climbing this year, which she has definitely shown an aptitude for when out and about.
  • Christmas traditions of choosing a tree, decorating the house, making gingerbread houses, listening to Christmas music and generally eating way too many treats have all been enjoyed copiously (the big jumpers are out for me to hide my indulgences!?).
  • We had fun at our village ‘carols around the Christmas tree’, with the added bonus of a visit from Father Christmas!
  • We got snow twice!!! Once before and once after Christmas, that almost never happens and really added to that Christmas feeling. The girls made a little tiny snowman (which became predominantly ice and accidentally rolled in a cow pat…resulting in a distinct lack of interest in ever touching it again!).
  • Going to the pantomime was so much fun! It was the most hilarious show I have ever seen, we were all rolling about with laughter. The girls got a double whammy that day, as they had a School trip to see a pantomime during the day too!
  • School holidays arrived very early this year! This seemed to add to the frenzy of excitement leading up to the big day! So it was a big relief to get to Christmas Day! We filled in the time with some baking, making and essential preparations.
  • We made it to Christmas Day, with an earlier than anticipated start (why do I forget this every year?!). The following week became considerably calmer…phew!
  • A visit to Scotland topped off a busy and exciting month to see family, with beautiful views into the bargain.

Now it’s back to school, work and essay writing! Plus healthy eating and exercise to add into the mix!

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