A New Year

I’m not much of a party animal on New Year’s Eve, in fact this year I was fast asleep by 10 o’clock…which was bliss. But it’s always nice to feel like there’s a fresh new start to reinvigorate commitments previously set and somehow lost between the folds of life.

Looking back over the past year I think I actually did ok. It was full of new challenges, some chosen but many not, and everything was pretty much ok. Life doesn’t always work out quite so neatly, but we had a couple of pieces of unexpected good news before Christmas which really brightened up the season. Finally somethings are beginning to unfold and life can move on rather than standing still. After waiting for so long it actually feels incredibly strange for things to change overnight, but I’m happy to take it.

I chose a word for last year…’brave’. It was certainly relevant and significant and utilised frequently. I learnt that bravery isn’t the opposite of being afraid, fear is a necessary part of bravery…how can you be brave if you were never afraid in the first place? Fear is embedded within the heart of bravery, not as a negative element, but as a protagonist to push towards the realms of bravery and self-belief. Maybe the key is not to be afraid of feeling fear and instead see it as a natural collaborator with its close associate, bravery.

I don’t really feel the necessity of creating some new year goals this year, as I already have some in place…but I did enjoy having a word for the year, kind of like a little mantra. So I’m going to continue with that but moving onto ‘acceptance’…of myself, other people and life. Rather than fighting against the things I cannot change or control, I’m going to aim for feelings of acceptance…I already feel this is going to make life happier (with lots of practice!).

Have you got any New Years goals for the year ahead?

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