Christmas Traditions

When I was little I had The Snowman on tape, one of my favourite Christmas presents from my nan and grandad. I used to listen to it over and over again on my Walkman. Now I’ve upgraded to a cd, but I still love listening to the story and music, it really makes it feel like Christmas. It’s a story, that as a child, I half wished were true and encapsulates the magic of Christmas (although my children don’t agree!?). So this morning I took some time to enjoy listening to it again, before cracking on with making mince pies and gingerbread…for a gingerbread house to bake and construct later.

The Elf is also in full swing at the moment, although he has been a bit sporadic this year!? We seem to only remember him just before or once we get into bed. We need to up his game and think of some more naughty things for him to do…we’ve had complaints he’s too tame this year.

Settling down to some lovely Christmas films and listening to Christmas music by the fire have been a staple in our house since the beginning of December (if not slightly before), with plenty more to squeeze in over the next few days.

Then some carol singing and eating ourselves silly and the Christmas season will be complete!

Do you have fun Christmas traditions you do every year?

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