Patience is a Virtue….

….that I probably don’t possess!? Still working on that one!! That in itself is an exercise of patience. It’s something that is hanging out there somewhere in the ether, something that is rumoured to make life so much better and something that we spend quite a lot of energy trying to instil in our children.

But here’s the thing, if the concept of patience gets changed into the concept of waiting…this doesn’t feel so unattainable. I can do waiting, I’ve managed it lots of times and it didn’t seem too painful (depending on how much of a rush I’m in of course!!). I’ve had lots of practice at waiting, I’ve been waiting for some things for years…some things will happen eventually, some maybe not.

Sometimes the waiting can be painful, frustrating, never ending…but if I manage to sit back and accept it, rather than fighting what, essentially, I have no control over it all becomes much more bearable.

Of course, sometimes the waiting is the best bit! The anticipation, the excitement and the build up. That’s the bit we’re in now, with the run up to Christmas. I look back on all those years of stomach turning excitement, and I think that that was one of the best parts…the waiting! I love all of the Christmas traditions we have in the weeks towards the big day, gingerbread houses, advent calendars, Christmas tree choosing, parties, cards, crafts…the list goes on. For me that’s where the real joy comes…waiting for Christmas is not so bad.

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