All This Study is Teaching Me Something…Right?

I am actually learning a ton of things, as well as the academic stuff (phew!), including about myself. I’m in the middle of assignment hell at the moment, with one after another and not enough time (caveat to writing this…I’m sat in the car waiting for ballet to finish). All sorts of things can be revealed under immense pressure, not all of them are good…but I save all the ugly stuff for my one true love, so I’ll selectively abstain from sharing that!

A couple of months ago it freaked me out the number of articles I needed to read! I’m getting this speed reading thing down, and it’s really handy for all sorts of things!

I’ve got a whole new set of vocabulary to bamboozle people with…I could probably get away with it not really making any sense!

The standard of work required is exceptionally difficult…I kept kidding myself that I’d be in the place I needed to be in time for the assignments…denial is a wonderful thing but reality hits hard!

I could really do with at least 2 extra days a week!

Everyone else looks just as petrified as me when discussing assignments, this is very comforting indeed!

I went to a dissertation talk this week, listening to others present their dissertations…it was fascinating! It made me realise that there’s a whole new way of embracing the challenge- with enthusiasm, passion and just enjoying the journey (regularly breaking down in tears is also acceptable).

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