If You Want to Know Where to Find Me…I’ll be Eating Cake!

What I have learnt from being gluten and dairy free for nearly 2 years…most cakes, biscuits, bread you can buy are pretty ropey! They have a strange, bitter tang and they stick to your mouth whilst feeling crumbly and dry.

Luckily, I mastered the art of gluten and dairy free pancakes quite a while ago, so when I had the desire for something sweet I’d get a batch on the go.

I have since discovered a lovely brand of bread, which is both tasty and moist…but the best way to get delicious cakes (the jury is still out on biscuits) is to get my apron on and make it myself.

I’m so pleased I’ve found a great gluten free cookbook with fantastic recipes. I just sub in some dairy free butter etc and it still turns out great!

So reasons I’ll be eating cake?….

  1. Number one is because it tastes so good! I’ve restrained myself to 2 slices so far today!
  2. It’s a great motivator for all those assignments I need to write.
  3. There’s nothing better than a slice of cake as the nights draw in and the weather gets nippy.
  4. I’m an adult, so there’s no one stopping me (may be some self control issues happening here!?).


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