October Highlights 

Looking back over the past month always makes me realise how much fun we managed to pack in! It has definitely felt like a the busiest month in a long time, with birthdays, half term holidays, Halloween, School trips and university exams. It’s a tricky balancing act to fit everything in and keep all the plates spinning…mostly I need to reframe how my expectations and viewpoint on everyday life should be!

Doing a Masters Degree is so intense that most of my focus is on desperately trying to keep up and learn all of the concepts I need to in a narrow time frame. This means that my life has become infinitely more narrow and focused, without a breadth of activities or opportunities to explore a variety of subjects. My life has become all things psychology…!

Some other things that I have managed to squeeze and enjoy…

  • Beautiful autumn light on glorious sun filled days.
  • A half term with some fab days out.
  • Watching my children bloom in their new school and being excited by their learning.
  • Trying out a new gluten free cake recipe that was delicious!
  • Lovely birthday celebrations with a beautiful walk to see the Purton Hulks.
  • And getting a good grade in my exam! Phew!

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