Little Discoveries 

The beauty of life…it’s full of a continuum of little discoveries, little smatterings of joy that add a little sparkle to the odd day here and there.

I like these little hidden gems that were laying in wait just waiting to be found. It makes me feel that there are so many others out there to ‘happen upon’ and take a slice of joy from. What’s even better? I get to share the joy with others too! One such time was finding the amazing Pinkman’s bakery, which does the most delicious vegan hot chocolate! And spectacular looking doughnuts (which unfortunately I cannot try, but Mr B got to sample that delight!).

Another hidden gem was the Royal Forthouse gardens, which provided a beautiful walk and taste of nature between lectures…just what I needed to refresh my brain for more complex concepts!?

I’m sure there’s many more little discoveries laying out there in wait…can’t wait to find them!

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