Fancy a Date with a Pliosaurus?

Have you ever met a Pliosaurus? Did you know it had ever existed? Me either, but thanks to an exciting, family friendly, interactive exhibition at Bristol City Museum we had a great time learning loads of lovely facts about how the Pliosaurus was discovered. 

We learnt all about how fossils are discovered, excavated and assembled to recreate the life size creature they once were. How they chose the colours of the skin of the Pliosaurus and the techniques they used. We got to compare the weight and size of the each of us to the size of the Pliosaurus so we got an idea of its immense proportions.

There were a wide range of interactive games and activities that even I could join in with and the children could stamp their card as they competed each activity with a beautiful embossing stamp.

My absolute favourite were the giant top trump cards, with lots of fun dinosaur facts. We had so much fun playing with those (except maybe D when she kept losing!?). It was a shame there weren’t any in the shop to purchase at the end…we love top trumps in our house!

The great news is that the exhibition is on until January 2018, so still plenty of time to get down there and enjoy! (I might sneak in a second trip!).

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