The photo says it all!

(Well maybe just omit the last word and ignore the bit about fly tipping!?).

Going back to study I have to try and repress a strong desire to regress back to those blissful care-free days of undergraduate studies, where there appeared to be so much more free time than study time (except at assessment points). I keep reminding myself, this is hard core study! Plus now I am also a responsible adult with dependents….there is a rather bizarre dichotomy in my mind at the moment as I find a new definition of student life.

A few things have changed since I studied last, virtual learning environments were only just being utilised, but they’re now in full swing – which is so helpful, especially as I’m commuting into university. They are the font of all knowledge for everything course related. Taking photos of lecture slides using smartphones; this really took me by surprise! There was no way phones would be out during a lecture, apart from some surreptitious texting beneath the table. I definitely am on board with taking a quick snapshot of a bulk of information to refer to later, ingenious!

Plus….and maybe I’ll reveal my own stupidity here….I actually thought someone was coming towards me and being super friendly, striking up a spontaneous conversation even though they had no clue who I was….no, no, no! They were talking on their phone…through headphones I hasten to add! I do recognise what a mobile phone looks like!? I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for headphone wires in future.

It’s a learning environment in every sense of the word!

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