Autumn Equinox 

What a beautiful introduction to Autumn, the warmth of the sun with blue skies and a slight bite in the air. We know it’s arrived when the condensation forms on our ancient windows…another job to add to the morning list of chores. There’s a reticence to leave the warmth of the house and venture out to meet the protests of hungry chickens and a noisy cockerel. 

I welcome the change of seasons, each one bringing its own unique gifts and a change of pace. September often feels like its own kind of new beginning, with the start of a new school year…although this year has been full of nerves for all of us, with new starts and big changes. It still feels like we’re in an adjustment phase, so it seems even more important to soak up the little things.

These are some of the little things I’ll be enjoying during autumn:

  • The beautiful, low light with its intense warmth in the fading hour of the day.
  • Pulling on cosy jumpers and snuggling beneath blankets.
  • Comfort food…out with the salads and in with the soups and stews.
  • Changing colours and views. There is a house I love to watch each year covered in ivy that changes to a deep red before shedding all of its leaves.
  • Popping the electric blanket on and jumping into a toasty warm bed.
  • Shoving on wellies for walks down muddy country lanes.
  • Consuming a lot of apple crumble! And possibly putting on some winter insulation!?

All of this when I don’t have my head in books, attempting to soak in some knowledge!

If you want to get yourself into that autumn feeling, Radio 4 had some lovely autumnal poetry read throughout the day. Enjoy!

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