A weekend of celebrations

It’s always a super busy time the first week of August with 2 birthdays, but this year was extra special with E’s baptism. To just add an extra slice of challenge to the event, I decided to make E’s baptism dress (something I always wanted to do for my children…a little commitment/wish made in my head many years ago). I made M’s 2 years ago, but had totally forgotten everything I’d learnt and due to time pressure I ended up finishing off the dress a few hours before the baptism…it all adds to the excitement! I have already warned them all that I won’t be making any dresses for their weddings!? Happily, E loved her dress and it looked beautiful on her.

Something really special about these life events is to have the excuse to spend some time making wonderful memories with friends and family. We felt totally spoiled as we had friends and family, both locally and from afar, visit and spend time celebrating with us, renewing those bonds of love that remain regardless of time and distance.

We’ve had roast dinners, countryside walks, BBQ’s, laughter, games and lots of cheekiness! I love that D chose to go on a walk in the countryside for her birthday, after the many times she has bemoaned the prospect of family walks. Just goes to show that you just never really know the impact that is being made on their growing minds….but now her secret is out and I know deep down she loves walking really!?

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