Annual camping trip

Ben’s family have been camping at the same site in Wales for 25 years! (I think there should be some kind of award for that). What an amazing family tradition to create and keep going, especially in a rainy spot in the British Isles.

The first year we joined everyone on the annual camping trip was when M was 1 (9 years ago). We borrowed someone else’s tent and had very little equipment of own..possibly only sleeping bags. We arrived and it was raining, getting set up took longer than I thought and it was getting dark. It took a while to get M settled and eventually we got into our sleeping bags. The rain kept falling, the tent leaked and the air bed deflated…not the best start. It was a short trip!?

I’m not a natural camper, I wish I was, but I try my best and that is probably the most I’ll ever manage. Our children love it and they absolutely love spending time with their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents (plus going to the beach!).

This year we had one day of sunshine and spent many hours of it on a beautiful national trust beach. I hiked a little around the surrounding area and took a few photos, watched the children splash in the sea, ate copious amounts of food and watched everyone tease and joke around.

There was a lot of laughter and giggles this year. Highlights of this year include:

  • A BBQ on the beach
  • Jellyfish attack…little pieces of jellyfish (with no sting) washed up on the beach – which were then used as weapons of torment, attack and ended in a wrestling match (D loved the show!).
  • Ben standing on a slug, bare footed, that made its way into the tent one morning.
  • Grandchildren applying suncream to grandad’s head with much hilarity and spiky hair do’s.
  • Everyone watching L put up his tent, using their own unique management style!?
  • Sharing embarrassing toilet stories…everyone has one and they are always hilarious!
  • General cheeky banter flying around during most interactions.
  • Chatting together whilst hiding from the rain, sharing meals, over hot chocolate, toasting marshmallows, watching the children enjoy each other’s company over many card games.
  • Getting to know one another just a little bit better.

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