Do you like aubergines?

I have tried many recipes with aubergines…they look yummy, they smell delicious, but I’ve always thought this would be really nice without the aubergines – not a great success. So no surprises, I wouldn’t go out and buy an aubergine, however the magical roulette of the fruit and veg box happened to land on the world of the aubergine and I ended up with two shiny, black aubergines.

I really don’t like waste, so I cracked open my cookbooks in search of a recipe to top all recipes for an amazing aubergine feast (I’ve never typed the word aubergine so much in my life!). Madeleine Shaw you came up with a winner (as pictured above), resulting in an aubergine feast I truly adored…with a spicy tomato sauce, herby quinoa and a crunchy, nutty topping. 

Aubergines, next time you make an unexpected appearance, I’m ready for you!

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