June highlights 

I have been limited this month by the ability to venture far, but from my often seated position, these are a few things I have enjoyed during June:

  • I signed up for an online photography course called Bloom and Grow, designed and run by the instagrammer Me & Orla. It was a challenging but eye opening course, with lots of opportunities for exploring creativity. I think I only touched the tip of the iceberg with it all, but luckily I still get to explore and play around with my photography using the tips and advice in the course!
  • Enjoying the beautiful sunshine that we had (and still get snippets of) throughout the month.
  • I read an excellent book called The Dry by Jane Harper, I was hooked all the way through!
  • D had her first ballet exam! It was so lovely to see how excited she was, not one bit of nerves.
  • I definitely want to have a go at baking these, when I’m feeling up to it, they look delicious!
  • This article made me think, which I like, actually it’s ok to just be me and not standing out is ok. I loved the quotes at the end of the article. My favourite was: ‘The people who matter will never think you’re forgettable, but others might.’
  • Made some homemade coleslaw, which is so much easier than finding a dairy free version in the supermarket, using this recipe as a guide, but added spring onions instead.
  • Now my 6 months of free Apple Music has ran out, I’m going old school and listening to the songs I have in my music library. It’s been great to hear some songs I haven’t listened to for a long time, including the Buena Vista Social Club…always makes me feel like I’m on holiday and Lewis and Leigh..beautiful words and harmonies.
  • Returning to work, full steam ahead on the first week back, realising my brain hadn’t lost its ability to function…always a relief!

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