There’s magic out there 

We have a Harry Potter whizz in our house. She has read all of the books at least 5 times and is now taking full advantage of the Easter holidays to read them all again, inspired by our recent trip to The Warner Brother Studios.

I really enjoyed all of the films, but I admit I’ve only read the first book; so I was unsure about how much I would enjoy the day wandering amongst all of the film paraphernalia.

It was amazing!!! I was blown away by the amount of people, skills, creativity and vision that went into each film, all for the joy of creating something magical for an audience, when often props and sets only lasted for moments in the finished article. I learnt so much about the huge range of expertise drawn upon and the impact they had upon the end result.

It was a good mix of interactive and factual activities, which provided something for all age groups, I think we could’ve easily spent a lot more time there.

How wonderful to be part of something so amazing, no matter how small their role it added significance and value to light up the imaginations of millions of people across the world.

I would highly recommend it, especially if you have a Harry Potter fan in the house!

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