The Fine Art of Complaining 

The last few months have been very challenging at work. I took the job as it was a walk in, walk out type of job which incurred no childcare costs; a contrast to my previous teaching jobs which take up a lot of time and mind space outside of official working hours.

Although the work isn’t particularly challenging, the perks outweighed the negatives. But life can quickly spin around and suddenly the opposite was true.

I never really embraced change very well as a child and teenager, but through a variety of experiences it has become easier. Of course, I’m quite happy to grasp change when it brings all of the good things in life; I’m not so keen on the challenging, hard and unpleasant stuff. But here it all is in front of me, and honestly, it’s been really, really difficult.

My lovely friends and family have endured much venting and complaining and moaning, with A LOT of patience! Did it make it better? Possibly initially, but then I noticed it was just sending me spiralling downwards into the land of misery.

Serendipitously, I stumbled across an article in the beautiful Flow magazine entitled ‘The day I quit complaining ‘. Maybe this could shed some light into a way out of my negative funk?

It’s always good to discover that there’s other people all over the world who struggle with the same kinds of emotions. It was uplifting to read about different perspectives on how to deal with my current mindset. The top tips I took from the article were:

  • Be honest about your emotions and express them (this is not the same as complaining).
  • Rather than getting sucked into the emotion, try to focus on something else e.g. breathing/change perspective.
  • Think about what you need, what is at the root of the complaint?
  • You have a choice, you can DO something about your situation.
  • Focus on all that is good in your life.

I have felt a huge impact by talking through emotions, but not allowing that to lead to a mass of complaining. Changing my focus to other things that I enjoy in my life and shifting my perspective to the bigger picture. It’s baby steps, but if nothing else, I’ve learnt some more effective ways to deal with the bumps in the road and that can only be a positive thing right?

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