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The most dreaded question for me in any interview or new situation is ‘Tell me about yourself’. Inside my head is utter turmoil! Number 1, I really don’t enjoy the subject of a conversation to be me (my mind literally goes blank) and second, I have zero idea how to answer this question as I’m not entirely sure I’ve entirely got to grips with exactly who I am yet, or possibly inside I still feel 17!

Reading this article really resonated with me. I could directly relate to the sentiment of being defined by the people we are surrounded by and their perception of who we are. The last few weeks/months have been challenging, as I have been on the receiving end of this act of being labelled and put in a box, which has greatly restricted my opportunities and led me to inevitably question “Are they right? Don’t I know myself as well as I thought? Am I just deluded?”. Maybe? but I hope not!

On the flip side, the message of this research study, as mentioned in the article,  offers great hope with a sense of freedom to embrace the fact that we are constantly evolving and changing over time. The result being that we are essentially never truly defined, both by ourselves and those around us.

I like this, it gives me the liberty to move forward and let go of elements of my personality that I would rather say goodbye to. It means I can say a fond farewell to the person I used to be and embrace the new and improved version of me. It means I don’t have to absorb the views and opinions of those around me because I’m not the person I was yesterday or the person I’ll be tomorrow.

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