This is working out to be a great project to fit in with some other goals/habits I would like to improve and add to this year, including using my camera more and exploring more places together as a family. I always face the same response from the children when suggesting a walk, but within 5 minutes of getting out of the door they are having a whale of a time (this is an improvement on past experience, when within 5 minutes one of the children would have gone splat in the squishiest mud puddle known to man!).


Absolutely love our National Trust membership! It’s a real incentive to get out and about and discover some beautiful walks, learn about historic buildings and how they played their part in the rich tapestry of this land, along with the people and families who lived in them.

M – loves to climb trees and plans on living in her own treehouse one day.

E – has a great imagination and loves the magical world of Pegasus, unicorns and of course Harry Potter (as guided by her older sister).

D – loves to meet all of the friendly dogs we see on our walks…something we feel lacking on our walks is our own dog (maybe we could just borrow someone else’s for such occasions!).

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