A reminder of things forgotten

I know a lot of things! My brain is full of information learnt and stored….but then it disappears into the deep, twisting chasms of the mind. I’m not just talking about those moments of memory lapse, when you walk into a room and cannot remember why, but those truths you want to live your life by, because they make you happy, somehow slipping out of focus and falling by the wayside. Then, BAM! An experience happens and this truth hits you full on in the face, and you think “how did I forget that?”

At the weekend, I was privileged to volunteer for a charity People in Motion, who raise money and gather items needed for displaced people all over the world. As part of the volunteer day, I packed Winter Care packs with items such as gloves, matches, chocolate, throat lozenges and vapour rub. Then I moved onto measuring out spices as part of a spice bag, given out for adding flavour to simple dishes of rice or soups.

It doesn’t sound like anything fancy or even heroic, but there is something wonderful about working with a group of people, all feverishly focused on a specific task to lighten the load of someone else’s troubles….even if it’s only by a fraction.

There is a unique feeling of happiness and fulfilment when putting yourself out there for the good of someone else. That is the truth I had forgotten…and I was so glad to be reminded of it.



(Check out their website to find out what you can too)



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