Summer Bucket List…planned and achieved (almost!?)

IMG_8552I think years of working in education has made me into an extreme planner and organiser (I might be bigging myself up a bit there), but I do love a bit of planning – to motivate myself more than anything. I love getting to the end of the long summer holiday and looking back on all the fun and adventures we have had. The years are flying by with my children and one of the things I want to give to them are lots of happy memories, so they can look back on the golden years of childhood with fondness and maybe a hint of rose-tinted glasses.

We had rather a mighty list of activities to work our way through, managing all but 2! So I’m pretty impressed, especially as we did lots of other things that didn’t appear on our bucket list.

IMG_9406 IMG_9279 IMG_9246 IMG_9159 IMG_9087 IMG_8891 IMG_8843 IMG_8738 IMG_8592 IMG_8550 IMG_9001 IMG_9125

We have had fantastic weather this summer, which makes all the difference, meaning we could spend a lot of time out and about enjoying the great outdoors. We became National Trust members this year and it is worth every penny! We have visited so many beautiful houses, gardens and beaches and they are very family friendly.

I have really noticed how happy the children are when we are out in nature and it’s all free! We did a fun scavenger hunt and some foraging as part of the Stitch & Forage Guide which has lots of fun cost effective ideas for the summer.IMG_9238 IMG_9257 IMG_9267


















My take home from this summer is definitely that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to build beautiful memories and have exciting adventures. I think my children had the best time when they were outside, climbing trees, inventing games and swinging in the hammock.

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