To substitute or not to substitute?

There has been a transformation in my kitchen cupboards and the ingredients which they now hold. Once cutting out gluten and dairy in my diet, I ventured into a whole new world of ingredients, recipes and meals. I have read many articles and books which explore food intolerances and the possible causes and reactions in the body, which has opened my eyes to how the food I eat is processed by my body.

Some of the big changes to staple kitchen cupboard ingredients include:

coconut oil – replacing animal fats

Nut, coconut & rice milk  – instead of cow’s milk

Honey & maple syrup – rather than processed sugar

Organic fruit & vegetables via a vegetable box scheme

I have tried some gluten free products that can be found in the supermarkets, some of which are delicious, however there is a lot out there that I’d happily never eat again. Rather than trying to replace ingredients for gluten free items to try to recreate the same dishes I have always eaten (which can often be disappointing), I decided to find new recipes and meals which produce yummy results using ingredients and food items I can eat with any problem.

Some of my favourites…….

Dark chocolate & almond cookies, huevos rancheros, stir fry with rice noodles, spiralised vegetables, banana & oat cake, chocolate beetroot cake, roast squash & quinoa salad, frozen banana bites, courgetti & pesto.

IMG_7829 IMG_8225 IMG_8431 IMG_8478 IMG_8680 IMG_9138 IMG_7414 IMG_7912IMG_7837

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