To substitute or not to substitute?

There has been a transformation in my kitchen cupboards and the ingredients which they now hold. Once cutting out gluten and dairy in my diet, I ventured into a whole new world of ingredients, recipes and meals. I have read many articles and books which explore food intolerances and the possible causes and reactions in the body, which has opened my eyes to how the food I eat is processed by my body.

Some of the big changes to staple kitchen cupboard ingredients include:

coconut oil – replacing animal fats

Nut, coconut & rice milk  – instead of cow’s milk

Honey & maple syrup – rather than processed sugar

Organic fruit & vegetables via a vegetable box scheme

I have tried some gluten free products that can be found in the supermarkets, some of which are delicious, however there is a lot out there that I’d happily never eat again. Rather than trying to replace ingredients for gluten free items to try to recreate the same dishes I have always eaten (which can often be disappointing), I decided to find new recipes and meals which produce yummy results using ingredients and food items I can eat with any problem.

Some of my favourites…….

Dark chocolate & almond cookies, huevos rancheros, stir fry with rice noodles, spiralised vegetables, banana & oat cake, chocolate beetroot cake, roast squash & quinoa salad, frozen banana bites, courgetti & pesto.

IMG_7829 IMG_8225 IMG_8431 IMG_8478 IMG_8680 IMG_9138 IMG_7414 IMG_7912IMG_7837

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Having the stomach for it…..



Did you know that 70% of your immune system is located in your gut?

I didn’t know this until recently, but it was something that made a lot of sense to me when I found out. I had been suffering from problems with my digestive system for a long time and it seriously affected my ability to fight off infections, resulting in both minor and more serious illnesses.

Unsurprisingly, I reached breaking point. It was completely miserable feeling ill all of the time, with the added responsibilities of family and work commitments. I didn’t have much luck with my visits to the GP for a diagnosis, so I began to investigate how to resolve these issues myself (I am not recommending this as a course of action for those suffering with severe digestive issues, this is just my own personal journey).

Due to some food intolerances already being prevalent within my family, I decided to restrict these from my diet. Positive results were apparent within a few weeks and continue to be so. I also take some excellent supplements, which have really boosted my immune system and energy levels.

I have learnt so much about food and nutrition throughout this experience…and I’m still learning! I am enjoying exploring this new way of eating and the positive impact, over time, this has had for my health and also my outlook on our family lifestyle.

Much more to come on this subject in future posts!

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All new ventures begin with one small step…



So this is my ‘one small step’, to create a place that envelops the bursts of sunlight through doing and sharing the things I love.

I’m tentatively dipping my toes into the waters of the blogging world, already full to bursting with so many voices from novice to experienced. Here I am, a novice, hoping to capture someone’s interest and spark a note of recognition with the thoughts and content expressed on these pages. But mainly it is a place for me to express a part of myself and fulfil that need to create and share.

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